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Olympiad Diary 2002, by Heather Lang

Thursday 24th October 2002, Day before going

Not the ideal preparation for an Olympiad. I broke my wrist and my cycle helmet falling off my bike two weeks ago, and had to withdraw from a couple of tournaments I'd planned to play in. Fortunately it's a stable fracture, and the plaster is coming off the day after I get back from Bled. Carey Wilman, our board 2 this time, had a broken arm at the 1996 Olympiad in Yerevan, and got her moment of fame by getting her picture in the bulletin..

The Scottish teams this time are :


  1. GM Jonathan Rowson
  2. GM Paul Motwani
  3. GM Colin McNab
  4. IM John Shaw
  5. IM Steve Mannion
  6. IM Douglas Bryson


  1. WFM Helen Milligan
  2. Carey Wilman
  3. Heather Lang
  4. Louise Macnab

Oh well, at least it wasn't cricket I was supposed to be playing - the World Cup qualifying is next summer, and I should be fine for that!